Confidentiality Guarantee

We pride ourselves on providing complete confidentiality to all candidates and clients. We guarantee it.

All the resumes we receive are confidential, as is sensitive client information. Candidates will always be contacted by one of our search consultants prior to being submitted for a position, and no information will be disclosed or sent to our clients without permission from the candidate.

Prior to the interview, we will provide candidates with the necessary information and background to assist in the interview. All representations made to a candidate about the position, salary, benefits, and company background are always to our best knowledge.

Any information discussed between Paradigm and our clients or candidates will not be released to any outside party. The information shared will only be used to assist in a specified search assignment, agreed upon by the candidate.

During the search and selection process, we do not reveal the name of our client until we have determined that a candidate is qualified for the position and we’re confident about presenting him or her as a candidate.