Management Team

Lindsay Olson

I founded Paradigm Staffing in 2001 and have been recruiting in the public relations industry since 1997. At Paradigm, my focus is new business development, marketing and client relations. I also co-founded and manage Hoojobs, the niche job board we launched in 2010 for the PR, communications, and social media industry.

I started my recruiting career at Management Recruiters International, where I established a new market niche in the Enterprise Software industry focusing in marketing, public relations, and sales positions. I also served as the Branch Manager of a temporary staffing agency, Select Personnel.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations from Montana State University and I’m fluent in Spanish.

Jolie Downs

I joined Paradigm Staffing as Partner in 2004 after building my own recruiting agency, Downs & Associates. At Paradigm, I manage the public relations and communications recruiting practice and support the search efforts and relationships with many of our clients across the nation. I co-founded Hoojobs with Lindsay in 2010.

I began my recruiting career with Management Recruiters International, where I was responsible for growing the electronics and networking division. I placed engineers, operations, marketing and sales professionals at all levels.

I graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a concentration in Public Relations. I volunteer with a local non-profit organization, working on fundraising and managing its local awareness and public relations efforts.


Fun facts
about Lindsay & Jolie

Favorite Flavor Ice Cream
What I'm Passionate About
My Super Power
Favorite Food
Something I'm Proud Of
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What I Wanted to be When I Grew Up

Frozen yogurt - the tart natural flavor with lots of fruit toppings.

My family, my kids, Ashtanga yoga, and travel.

I'm handy and resourceful. I'm the go-to when it comes to fixing things.

Avocado. Everything avocado.

Having the confidence to take my ideas and energy and turn them into reality from starting businesses to perfecting hobbies

Sewing. Knitting and crochet. I spend much of my free time designing and working on creative endeavors.

I moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina after a two-week trip in 2004. A month after my trip, I sold everything I owned in New York City and have been here ever since. Now married with children, I’ve built a life here. My family thought I was crazy at the time, but we have managed to see each other frequently and I even managed to convince my sister to relocate here for a few years.

I wanted to be an FBI agent after seeing Jodi Foster in Silence of the Lambs. I never tried to get in, but it probably has something to do with why I like recruiting and research so much.

Marble fudge.

Family, friends, fun and business.

My super excitement. I feel excitement and enthusiasm so strongly that it spreads to the people around me.

Mashed potatoes; mmmm, love them!

Building this business out of one of the lowest points in my life. At a time where everything was crashing down around me, I found the strength to bet on myself.

I love traveling, new experiences and learning new things. My obsession transfers to whatever my current fancy is: travel locations (where I must read as much as I can about where I am going and talk to as many people as I can who have been there), dancing (many types), eastern medicine, meditation, games, theme parties, etc. I also love to read and love to laugh; every day I make room for both.

I went to Portugal with my husband (it was a type of pilgrimage for me, as I am Portuguese) and we had everything stolen from us the second day we were there. The only things we had left was what we were wearing at the time. We didn’t let that stop us and went on to have a wonderful trip.

Growing up, I never wanted to be a lawyer, doctor or anything else typical. It was always – I want to be the first woman President, an Ambassador to the United States or hey – is there any way I can be Queen of England?