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We do way more than hook people up with jobs. You’ll see once you work with us, we give you the support throughout the hiring process. Get the ball rolling and let us know more about you!

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01 Résumé

Keep your resumé updated and focus on your accomplishments. This is the key ingredient too many people are missing. Plus, it’s a good practice to get you ready to talk about what you achieved for your previous employers in an interview.

02 Communication

Always be timely with your responses to emails and voicemails. Stay positive and quickly follow up with all recruiters and hiring managers. Even if it’s not a role you decide to accept, these relationships and connections will come up again in your future. They will remember.

03 Interview

Be prepared and listen to your recruiter's interview tips. It’s always the little things that trip people up. If we’ve learned anything over our many years it’s this: It is not always the most qualified person who gets the job, it’s the person who interviews the best. Research everything you can about the company and people you’ll be meeting with in the interview.

04 Follow Up

Never forget the thank you note. Ever. If you didn’t get their email, find it. If you can’t find it, message them on LinkedIn or some other social site. The thank you note is more imperative than most realize.

05 Transparency

Being open and honest is always the best way to have the most successful search experience when working with Paradigm.