Senior Communications Consultant (Account Supervisor)

Public relations
San Francisco, CA or New York, NY - Full Time

Our client is a global advisory firm working with influential organizations and individuals on the communications and public policy challenges that define their reputations.

Consultants are the driving force behind their work. They are trusted advisors who are able to substantially shift the reputation of their clients, in line with agreed strategy and priorities. They drive work across the whole team in a way that makes the most of everyone’s skills and experience, supporting less experienced colleagues to develop and deputising for Directors and Partners when required.

What the role involves

Reputation strategy development and implementation:

  • Defining the scope of research required to inform the client’s reputation strategy and working with the client team lead to set the strategy and priorities.
  • Drawing on a deep knowledge of channels and audiences to identify how best to position clients and tell their story.
  • Creating integrated communications plans to support the execution of the agreed strategy across all channels.
  • Preparing compelling content and delivering significant communications moments including interviews, articles, speeches and events.

Develop a deep expertise about clients and the subjects they care about:

  • Overseeing the work of analysts and, where appropriate external contractors, completing the desk research required to inform their advice and helping them to draw insights from it.
  • Delivering more complex components of the research process including client and stakeholder interviews and consumer focus groups.
  • Reading widely about the issues clients are facing and the views of their critics as well as their supporters.
  • Understanding the business model of commercial clients and applying this to improve the quality of their advice.

Advise a small number of clients (typically three to four) and provide recommendations that are understood and accepted.

  • Confidently providing counsel to clients across a range of issues as they arise.
  • Tailoring the style and content of advice to meet the needs and expectations of individual clients.
  • Having the courage to give the right advice, even if it’s not what the client wants to hear, and finding a solution that works for them.

Managing teams to deliver exceptional work, drawing on the full expertise of the firm.

  • Developing the project plan for client teams and ensuring work is delivered to time and budget.
  • Identifying opportunities to bring in experts from across the firm and from your external network to ensure the client benefits from the full range of our experience.
  • Giving (and receiving!) regular feedback to people at all levels in the firm.

Line Managing Analysts outside core client teams and support them to grow and develop.

  • Helping line managees to set development goals that enable them to perform at their best and stretch into new areas.
  • Conducting 6-monthly performance reviews and give regular feedback on performance against those goals.

What we’re looking for

  • A strategic approach to reputation.
  • An appreciation of the value, and a commitment to inform our advice to clients, with insights drawn from data and evidence.
  • The ability to offer strategic counsel and insight directly to clients and client teams.
  • A strong understanding of the communications landscape.
  • Experience building and managing relationships with journalists.
  • Experience planning and delivering priorities to meet agreed goals, timetable and budget.
  • Experience managing a team and delegating both upwards and downwards in a way that makes the most of everyone’s skills and experience
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong experience of building, managing and fostering relationships, both internally and externally.
  • A highly motivated team member who values collaboration and is interested in coaching and building capability across the team.
  • A desire to seek out feedback in order to learn and develop.

Essential requirements

  • 5-7 years’ professional experience in communications; the majority of this experience should be with companies or organisations who have a significant US presence.
  • Fluent command of English.