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At Paradigm our expertise isn't just in recruitment—it's in pinpointing the top talents specifically within PR, communications, digital, and marketing realms.

Our deep-rooted industry insight allows us to recognize and match top-tier talent that aligns precisely with specific domain needs.

From Fortune 500 giants to nimble start-ups and established PR and marketing agencies, clients across the spectrum trust Paradigm to bring them the best talent in the business.

What we do

At the heart of every successful company is a team that not only excels individually but also clicks collectively. Top talents are out there, sometimes so focused on their tasks that they might overlook a golden opportunity elsewhere.

While you're pushing boundaries in your field, we're on the ground, seeking those who can enrich your team further. Our approach is anchored in transparency and timely communication. We guide talents through the hiring intricacies, ensuring a solid fit for both parties. For our clients, we present the best picks from the talent pool, arming you with the insights needed for sharp, informed hires.

What we believe

We spend so much time at work, shouldn't it be somewhere we genuinely want to be? At the heart of our mission is matching people with roles and teams that genuinely resonate with them, not just on paper, but in everyday vibes.

Our commitment? Placing candidates in environments that let them thrive. Sure, businesses have their pick of vendors, but we're discerning about the clients we work with too. We aim for partnerships that make sense and feel right.

Navigating the interview process can be a whirlwind. We aim to cut through the noise, offering clear, candid communication every step of the way. Even if a role with our client doesn't pan out, we're here to provide insights that will steer your career forward.

Meet the team

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Lindsay Olson



Jolie Downs


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Molly Olson

Recruiting Lead


Brandi Davis


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Erika Nucum

Recruiting and research assistant

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