Putting yourself out there

How I overcame the emotional process of putting yourself out there


Jolie Downs


You guys, putting yourself out there is hard. At least, it is for me. When I decided to start a podcast, the myriad of emotions I went through while trying to launch was very surprising.

There’s the excitement and enthusiasm from starting a new project, tackling a topic I feel passionate about, listening to and sharing other people’s stories in an inspiring way, and learning so many new things in the process of creation. I absolutely love it. I love the process. It feeds me.


There’s self-judgment. I listened to myself, on that very first episode, and oh, the cringing. Have you experienced that? Your voice causing your eye to twitch. I wanted to scrap it and start all over because of my inner critical voice. I would have if it had not been for Rita Deo Barber, my gracious first guest, who spent her conversation dropping truth bombs and stories offering important insights that are likely to touch many who listen. She was wonderful.

What she had to say needed to be out there.


There is the fear. So. Much. Fear. Those negative voices were strong. You know the ones. What if people think it’s stupid? What if they think I’m terrible? What if I make a fool of myself? What if I fail? Those questions are slippery. Let them get away and they can take you on an undesired ride. I know that listening to those voices will only lead me to never achieving my goals, so I consciously reminded myself daily to ask the right questions. What if this story helps even one person? What if this talk brings hope or inspiration to one soul in a moment when they really need it? How can I help during a time that can be emotionally fraught?

The fear caused me to reflect on my own journey. How I’m growing through this learning process. How I’ve added numerous new skills through the development of this podcast. I do not listen to podcasts and I purposefully didn’t start once I decided to do this so that I didn’t unconsciously try to mimic another style. I’m figuring things out. I consistently reminded myself that I’m trying something new and as I tell my kids, anytime you start something new you’re not going to be great at the beginning but if you keep going, you will continuously get better. If you quit, you never grow.

It’s really good advice.

So, I continued. With each podcast interview, I became more comfortable and was reminded of what this is about. It’s not about me or my perceived failings. It’s about my guest’s story. It’s about their triumphs, their obstacles and everything they learned along the way. It’s about what it takes to experience continued success in life. It’s about defining success in your

life. It’s about pulling the truths from another’s story to help bring insight into your own. It’s about the listener. It’s about those who are moved in some way. I chose to focus on what was important rather than my fear. I continued to move forward each day.

As I started to freeze up about this aspect or that aspect, should I wait to launch when I can revamp the logo? Should I wait until I finish my website? Should I wait until I have x interviews instead of y finished before launching? Do I need to redo my trailer? This is a cycle that can continue and cause anyone to become immobile. I reminded myself that perfection is the enemy of progress. Action the antidote to fear.

I continued to push forward.

I launched my podcast.

I will continue to learn and get better with this craft and I welcome you to join me on this journey. I wanted to share the emotional baggage I carried through the beginning of this process, just in case, it resonates with someone else and helps them move forward.

If this feels familiar to you and you have something you’ve been wanting to go after, the following helped me a great deal along the way:

The negative voices are normal, that doesn’t make them right. Remember to ask yourself the right questions and focus on the voices that come through in love and support.

Fear is normal, that doesn’t mean it should be in control. Promise yourself you won’t let fear stop you from going after anything you really want. Keep that promise.

Questioning yourself is normal. Use it to make yourself better but when it becomes something that stops you from moving forward, remind yourself that it’s our imperfections that make us perfect and move on. We are all on a journey to become the best versions of ourselves.

I hope you too decide to make the leap and put yourself out there in the way you’ve been dreaming.

If I can do it, so can you.

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